Sunday, March 13, 2011


It has been a while I haven't been sharing my thoughts. Time flew so fast nowadays that we are now in the 3rd month of the year. Six months since I ventured into the 'unknown' territory in life. It was a difficult decision to make. Either to be with someone I have known for years and doing the things that I've known for years or to be with someone new and doing something new.
The fear of the unknown really drive me nearly 'headache'. Had to choose either one. It is a dilemma actually. After thinking deeply and analyzing the overall situations, the company, the people, the Captain...I decided. To be with the unknown path.
It has been about 10 years, I don't work from my office. My only best office is my home. Working from home with my small office home office (SOHO). As a woman, a mother, wife, daughter, grand daughter and daughter in law, I enjoy myself working from home managing my life. Appreciating the freedom of time. Setting my own appointments, meeting great people, great mentors, millionaires in Malaysia such as Irfan Khairi, Dr. Azizan Osman, Datuk Dr Maznah Hamid, the Iron Lady of Malaysia etc. Great speakers like Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki and many more.
It changes my way of thinking. The more we give, the more we get. The power of law of attraction and the universe or "Hukum Karma" really works nowadays. Grateful for all the people who walked in my life either offline or online.
Without all the experiences with people, I wouldn't be here at this moment typing this. We will be tested and evaluated. Not easy to decide at that moment but one minute decision sometimes badly needed.
I have decided and my decisions are all based from the dreams that I want to achieve in life. Sharing dreams with someone who understand and having the same vision is another thing. Glad that I found someone who have the same dreams and goals. To work on the goals and taking steps to attain the dreams are another vital steps.
At this moment, I am linking and leveraging on the best of human assets to achieve all the goals. It wouldn't be easy but someone need to do it. I am finding ideas and strength to make it all come true. May Allah shower us all with abundance of ideas, strength and energy to fulfill the dreams. Insya'allah.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It has been a do or not to do. It is now or never...
still thinking about it.
congratulating myself for the existence of this blog.
thinking of creating another one...
wait & see...:-)


Good day to all ! It has been few months, I have not been writing in the blog.
Busy experimenting on new things online and get into a 'big mess'. Normal thing for a Mass Comm students. Learning to control emotions from the experiences....glad that it happened.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unexpected Industry

I was interviewing the ladies and they were recognized for their achievements in the business.
Mmm...all of them earning 5 figure income.
For normal and ordinary ladies...I respect and admire their success.
Since I was a fresh graduate, really curious about the business.

What are they doing?
How to get that sort of income?
Keep thinking of it most of the time.
How does the system works?
So many to ask...
Curiosity kills the cat.
Finally...the universe work it out for me and I embrace it...
Grateful for that, Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Experiences as a Journalist.

One of the Few Harbors Which I Stopped By.

Trained as a journalist, I always dream to write for the well known newspaper and magazine.
Looking at my 'byline' in the lead stories triggers a different yet exciting feelings.
Something that I want to achieve.
Something that I have to earn with my own sweat.
Dream to be the first journalist from a small village in Gombak, which is just next to the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM).
I worked hard for it. Give the best and the worst out of it.
Being a lady, it is not easy to convince my parents and family members about the odd working hours.
Knowing the everyday 'deadlines' of stories for the newspapers, it was a hectic life which I enjoyed very much.
Went for my six months practical in various desks at Berita Harian Sdn Bhd and got an 'A' for my practical.
Then, I continued working in the same newsroom for about a year as a journalist.
It was exciting as I experience learning with the best journalists around.
Meeting lot more interesting individuals and characters.
Seeing lot of business opportunities and products by companies through the Press Releases sent to the newsroom.
Translating, transcribing and typing speeches and releases.
Phone calling, confirming facts, following and investigating facts.
Interviewing, rearranging and constructing the sentences accordingly before sending it to the Boss for editing. was fun and full of excitement.

Until one day...
I went to an assignment.
Interviewed few ladies and the owner of the company.
That moment was a turning point for me...want to know more?

Wait for my next post...TQ

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


CONGRATULATIONS to you Nurbahaiwati !
(my mentor teach me to congratulate for every little success made every day)

For making the first step of writing the blog.
Many asked me what am I doing now.
Either on mobile phone, face book wall, gmail or even yahoo messenger.
Almost everyday I need to answer and type the same thing over and over.
Fear of the unknown made me put off the intentions for months.
After discussion with few good friends...I have
decided that blog is the most effective way to tell the world about me. it is.

To start off...
Below is the motivational scroll that I hang on the left side of my dressing table for years already.
Every morning and every moment I look at the mirror and read each word aloud while combing my hair, putting on lipsticks, choosing the right earrings or even when putting on the veil.

It inspires me a lot and glad that it helps enlighten and uplift my subconscious mind to experience every moments life either sweet, sour, salty, bitter, bad, confuse, blur, lost or even happy. That is part and parcel of life that we can`t live without.

You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be

There is inside You.
All the potential to be whatever, you want to be.
All the energy to do whatever, you want to do.

Imagine yourself, as you would like to be.
Doing what you want to do.
Each day, take one step towards your dream.

Though at times...
It may seem too difficult to continue...
HOLD ON to your dreams.

One morning, you will awake to find...
That you are the person you dreamed of,
Doing what you wanted to do.

Simply because you had the COURAGE...
To believe in your potential and to hold on to...

Note: It works for me and maybe it works for you also.