Sunday, March 13, 2011


It has been a while I haven't been sharing my thoughts. Time flew so fast nowadays that we are now in the 3rd month of the year. Six months since I ventured into the 'unknown' territory in life. It was a difficult decision to make. Either to be with someone I have known for years and doing the things that I've known for years or to be with someone new and doing something new.
The fear of the unknown really drive me nearly 'headache'. Had to choose either one. It is a dilemma actually. After thinking deeply and analyzing the overall situations, the company, the people, the Captain...I decided. To be with the unknown path.
It has been about 10 years, I don't work from my office. My only best office is my home. Working from home with my small office home office (SOHO). As a woman, a mother, wife, daughter, grand daughter and daughter in law, I enjoy myself working from home managing my life. Appreciating the freedom of time. Setting my own appointments, meeting great people, great mentors, millionaires in Malaysia such as Irfan Khairi, Dr. Azizan Osman, Datuk Dr Maznah Hamid, the Iron Lady of Malaysia etc. Great speakers like Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki and many more.
It changes my way of thinking. The more we give, the more we get. The power of law of attraction and the universe or "Hukum Karma" really works nowadays. Grateful for all the people who walked in my life either offline or online.
Without all the experiences with people, I wouldn't be here at this moment typing this. We will be tested and evaluated. Not easy to decide at that moment but one minute decision sometimes badly needed.
I have decided and my decisions are all based from the dreams that I want to achieve in life. Sharing dreams with someone who understand and having the same vision is another thing. Glad that I found someone who have the same dreams and goals. To work on the goals and taking steps to attain the dreams are another vital steps.
At this moment, I am linking and leveraging on the best of human assets to achieve all the goals. It wouldn't be easy but someone need to do it. I am finding ideas and strength to make it all come true. May Allah shower us all with abundance of ideas, strength and energy to fulfill the dreams. Insya'allah.

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